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News听 /听 8th February 2024

Explore the biggest trips in the USA with a small carbon footprint in National Geographic Traveller (UK)鈥檚 latest guide听


Explore the biggest trips in the USA with a small carbon footprint in National Geographic Traveller (UK)鈥檚 latest guide听

The mighty Mississippi, Route 66, the Wild West 鈥 America鈥檚 biggest draws need little in the way of introduction, having long captured imaginations across the globe. But, in some ways, big isn鈥檛 always best 鈥 at least where carbon footprints are concerned. That鈥檚 why the National Geographic Traveller (UK) USA guide focuses on how to see the country鈥檚 greatest hits without the correspondingly large environmental cost.  

Georgia Stephens, editor of the USA guide, out now with the March issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK), said: 鈥淭his is classic America, but not as you鈥檝e seen it before鈥. 

The cover story illustrates how it鈥檚 possible to tread lightly while still seeing the very best of the US 鈥 with travelling sustainably a key trend in recent years. Almost a century after it was created, America鈥檚 most celebrated road trip can now be driven in its entirety by electric vehicle; a new tour offers the chance to paddle to musical Memphis; you can float over Napa in a hot air balloon; or see the Grand Canyon from the saddle.  

Also in this issue, we discover the human stories behind New Jersey鈥檚 iconic diners; the humble beginnings of country music in Virginia; the unlikely roots of the Californian wine industry; and how creatives are forging a new Wild West without sacrificing their traditions.  

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