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Case Study:

National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Complete brand management

The brief

Founded in 1888, the National Geographic Society is the worlds largest non-profit scientific and educational organisation. The Societys media interests cover television, books, magazine publishing and websites, while its travel magazine,National Geographic Traveler, was one of the worlds most widely read during its 1984 to 2019 run. In 2010, National Geographic Partners, the Societys media arm, required a local partner to launch the Traveller brand in the UK, develop a local voice and manage content across multiple platforms


Our approach

APL 91辦畦 launchedNational Geographic Traveller(UK) in 2010, building upon theTravellerbrand with a unique magazine for the UK, published six times a year. A website and iPad edition quickly followed, while the magazine has since increased in frequency to 10 times a year.

In the years since APL 91辦畦 launched the title in the UK, National Geographic Traveller (UK)has gone from strength to strength, while the relationship with National Geographic Partners has continued to evolve as requirements have changed.

In addition to producing an award-winning magazine, APL 91辦畦s digital team work closely with National Geographic online travel editors to produce content for , providing engaging articles that match the brands editorial priorities, and managing social media channels and newsletters targetted at a UK audience. In addition, editorial content produced by APL 91辦畦s team of editors is syndicated across other international language editions.

A range of popular events have helped the brand to engage with its loyal audience in new ways, and we launched sister magazine Food by National Geographic Traveller in 2018, helping the title expand into new markets.

Key figures




Facebook Followers

6.1 million

Page Views Per Year

3.4 million

Unique Visitors Per Year


Twitter Followers


2023 Event Attendees


Instagram Followers

Our results

Each issue ofNational Geographic Traveller(UK) reaches a readership of 180,000, while the magazine has won multiple awards for its unique and engaging content.

倏紳梭勳紳梗,泭nationalgeographic.com/travel receives 300,000 unique users a month and has attracted a large following on social media, while over 7,000 people attended a National Geographic Traveller event in 2023.

The partnership between APL 91辦畦 and the National Geographic Partners has enabled the latter to further the reach of theTravellerbrand, access additional revenue streams and harness the talents of a creative UK-based team, all at no risk.